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Raymond C. Ciriaco

I'm your friend and partner in pursuing your purpose with passion.

A Brief History

Ciriaco Consulting Services was established on 13 September 2000 by Raymond C. Ciriaco when he decided to work independently as a consultant after having been Vice President for Marketing & Sales of Center for Leadership & Change (exclusive licensee of Franklin Covey Company) and held various positions in his 15-year career in the healthcare industry in Sales, Marketing, Training & Performance Development. He sought the help of other independent consultants who are open and willing to work "interdependently" so that together they create synergy to serve clients and business partners even better. His passion is to unleash the human potential and enable greatness in people and organizations committed to help build a better world.

Ciriaco Consulting is now engaged in educational and business partnerships. He partnered with John Harper International Communications Institute and used to own and operate John Harper Manila, an English Proficiency Development Center which provides tutoring for those who want to improve communications to advance in their careers, get hired as in business process outsourcing such as call center agents or simply pass IELTS, TOEFL and other exams which is required among those who seek to work abroad. Ciriaco Consulting is also supporting companies such as Ennoble Business Strategy Corporation as it establishes its presence outside the Philippines starting in Singapore and Malaysia.

Educational Program Offerings

In Marketing & Sales:
1) “Sell with Integrity - Serve with Honor” A principle-centered approach to build business through customer loyalty. 2) “Marketing for Non-marketers” An approach to find your loyal customers who you can best serve with what you do best. 3) “Branding Yourself” Re-invent, Re-imagine, Re-package yourself towards your Vocation aside from Career Goals 4) “Account Management” A system that serves customers, builds an organization aound extraordinary results 5) “Beyond Business Borders” An approach to business which serves beyond economic ends but respects the social and cultural aspect of human interaction.

Individual & Organizational Performance Development:
Consultant & Facilitator for SGV-Development Dimensions International (www.ddiworld.com) 1) Interaction Management® Program a. Core Skills for Building Commitment b. Facilitating Improved Performance c. Following-up to Support Improvement d. Identifying Performance Expectations e. Reviewing Performance
2) Interaction Skills for Success®
3) Service Plus® Program
4) Targeted Management® Program
5) Thunderbolt Workshop® Series
6) Influential Leadership®
7) Leading Change®
Consultant & Facilitator for Center for Leadership & Change Inc. (www.franklincovey.com)
1) Seven Habits of Highly Effective People™ Workshops
a.Seven Habits for Associate™ b. Seven Habits for Managers™ c. Seven Habits Signature™ d. Seven Habits Maximizer™ e. What Matters Most Workshop & Focus: Your Highest Priorities

2) Power Principle: Influence with Honor
3) Project Management: A Practical Approach™ (1 or 2 days)
4) Leadership: Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results
5) Four Disciplines of Execution™6) Four Roles of Leadership
7) Getting to Synergy

Communication Programs:
1) English Proficiency (John Harper® approach to IELTS & TOEFL)
2) Professional Communication training series: “get ahead: the write way”, ”high-impact presentations”, “public speaking”, “building your corporate image”
3) Assertiveness in the Workplace: “Speak up: Communicate and Get Results”
4) Power Words in Pharmaceutical Promotions

Participant Feedback

1) 7 Habits Associate & Comics workshop

Local Government Academy

Coca-cola Bottlers Philippines Inc.

Reckitt Beckinser

PNOC Energy Development Corporation

National Nutrition Council



2) 7 Habits for Managers

Davao City Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Leyte Electric Cooperative

Career Executive Service Board

Cebu Mitsumi, Inc.

Landbank of the Philippines

Department of Health

Department of Social Welfare & Development

Home Guaranty Corporation

Bureau of Soils & Water Management


3) 7 Habits Signature Program

Davao City Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Hyundai Asia Resources Inc.

Bureau of Animal Industry






LANDBANK of the Philippines

TVi Resource Development

4) 7 Habits Maximizer Program


5) 7 Habits for Families

6) Power Principle

Career Executive Service Board

Department of Social Welfare & Development


7) 4 Roles of Leadership

Federal Express (FEDEX)

8) 4 Disciplines of Execution


9) What Matters Most Program

National Economic Development Authority


10) 10 Natural Laws of Time & Life Management

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Net Promoter Score (2007-2008)